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RUBY49LP Guadalcanal Diary - 2x4 LP front.jpg

Guadalcanal Diary / 2 X 4

LP coming November 2023

For their third album in 1987, Guadalcanal Diary reteamed with Don Dixon for 2 X 4. The song Litany (Life Goes On) was given regular exposure on MTV's underground video show 120 Minutes and became a big Alternative radio favorite. The album remains one of the band's most popular and is jam-packed with memorable tunes, from the rocking Where Angels Fear To Tread, to the experimental Lips Of Steel, to the soft melody of Little Birds. This newly remastered reissue includes the first vinyl appearance of their cover of the Beatles' song And Your Bird Can Sing, which was previously a CD-only bonus track.

Side 1
1. Litany (Life Goes On)
2. Under The Yoke
3. Get Over It
4. Little Birds
5. Things Fall Apart
6. Let The Big Wheel Roll
7. And Your Bird Can Sing

Side 2
1. Where Angels Fear To Tread
2. Newborn
3. Winds Of Change
4. Say Please
5. 3 A.M.
6. Lips Of Steel

RUBY49LP Guadalcanal Diary - 2x4 LP front.jpg
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