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Eyeless In Gaza
Rust Red September

CD released 02/16/2024

The 1983 album Rust Red September by Eyeless In Gaza saw the duo of Martyn Bates and Peter Becker in transition. Gone were the growls and shouts that defined their earlier albums. These were replaced with a more melodic style at no loss of the excitement of their earlier work. The single New Risen retained an unorthodox tempo and instrumentation, and with a catchy hook that resulted in improved radio play. While this would be the only single release from the album, the additional ten tracks on Rust Red September are some of the band's best. No Perfect Stranger could have been an exceptional follow up single, with its energetic sound and strong vocals. The experimental side is fully intact with the soaring Pearl And Pale and the thrilling September Hills, while the minimalistic side is present on the delicate Only Whispers and Stealing Autumn.

To round out this newly remastered CD reissue are the slightly more subdued original single mixes of New Risen and Bright Play Of Eyes, along with the other two tracks from the New Risen 12" EP. The 1984 standalone single Sun Bursts In shows the band can put out a fairly straightforward Pop single that sparkles with energy, further indicating the direction they would explore further on their next album Back From The Rains, also remastered and reissued on Rubellan Remasters.

1. Changing Stations
2. Pearl And Pale
3. New Risen
4. September Hills
5. Taking Steps
6. Only Whispers
7. Leaves Are Dancing
8. No Perfect Stranger
9. Corner Of Dusk
10. Bright Play Of Eyes
11. Stealing Autumn

Bonus Tracks
12. New Risen (Single Mix)
13. Bright Play Of Eyes (Single Mix)
14. Scent On Evening Air
15. Drumming The Beating Heart
16. Sun Bursts In
17. Lilt Of Music
18. Inky Blue Sky
19. Tell

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