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Fingerprintz / The Best of: Bullet Proof Heart

CD available 7/3/2020
First ever officially licensed CD release by Fingerprintz brings together 22 tracks from their 1979 debut single to the final recordings of 1981. All 22 tracks, over 78 minutes, have been dynamically remastered from original master tapes from the Universal Music archive for the best possible sound quality.
Before Jimme O'Neill found success with The Silencers, he fronted Fingerprintz - a band that defied being truly labeled because each of their three albums was vastly different than the last. Classed under the umbrella term of New Wave, the 1979 debut The Very Dab was a stark post-punk album with artistic leanings, the 1980 sophomore album Distinguishing Marks was a catchy high energy power pop album, and the 1981 release Beat Noir included whomping dancefloor tunes mixed with the experimental side that always kept Fingerprintz intriguing.
Including all 8 singles, choice album tracks, along with rare mixes and B sides, The Best of Fingerprintz - Bullet Proof Heart is a great introduction to this criminally overlooked catalog. The 12-page booklet includes extensive sleevenotes compiled exclusively for this release from a brand new interview with front man Jimme O'Neill about the bands history.

1. Dancing With Myself
2. Who's Your Friend
3. Nervz
4. Tough Luck
5. Close Circuit Connection
6. Hey Mr. Smith
7. Fingerprince
8. Bullet Proof Heart
9. Amnesia
10. Houdini Love (Single Mix)
11. Yes Eyes
12. Remorse Code
13. All About You
14. Bohemian Dance
15. Shadowed
16. Madame X
17. Echohead
18. Changing
19. Touch Sense
20. Going Going Gone
21. The Beat Escape (12" Mix)
22. Get Civilised

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