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Krisma / Fido

CD available 8/31/2018 - Sold Out!

By the time of this 1983 release, Italian electronic duo Krisma had already made a name for themselves in Europe with a string of experimental albums (the first two under the name Chrisma) and a number of well received singles. Consisting of married couple Christina Moser and Maurizio Arcieri, Krisma released their first full length U.S. release titled ‘Fido’, which includes the early MTV classic ‘Nothing To Do With The Dog’. The album has been officially licensed from Warner Music Group and has been dynamically mastered from original master tapes for this first ever CD release. The original 10 track album is now bolstered by numerous bonus tracks, including several songs from their 1982 import album ‘Clandestine Anticipation’, which were released as singles in the U.S., as well as a special 1983 re-recording of their 1980 European hit ‘Many Kisses’.

1. Nothing To Do With The Dog

2. I'm Not In Love

3. I Must Know Your Name

4. Boys Drumming

5. Eye To Eye

6. Girls Drumming

7. Carefully

8. Find A Friend

9. Heroes Of The Sea

10. Everybody Drumming

Bonus Tracks:

11. Many Kisses

12. Miami

13. Water

14. Samora

15. Miami (Reprise)

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