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Update added 2/26/2024

Coming around springtime, a newly remastered vinyl reissue of the fourth album by singer/songwriter Suzanne Vega titled 99.9 F°. The album was originally released in 1992 and became a huge Alternative hit, with singles such as Blood Makes Noise, 99.9 F°, and When Heroes Go Down receiving regular airplay on the MTV underground video show 120 Minutes. The album will be presented in a gatefold sleeve and pressed on two limited edition colored vinyl variants, each limited to 500 copies each: Clear Orange with Black Smoke & Clear Yellow. This is a one-time only pressing, no represses of any sort will be allowed, so don't miss out! Pre-orders will open on this website once stock is in hand. Stay tuned...

RUBY60LP Suzanne Vega - 99-9F LP front.jpg

Update added 12/31/23

Coming late January 2024, due to ongoing demand there are new pressings of the CD and LP of the Oingo Boingo album Dead Man's Party. These new pressings will be different with the CD having been reconfigured into the new eco-wallet design and the LP converted to a gatefold sleeve with the lyric insert now the inside of the gatefold. It will be pressed on Autumn Orange & Gold marble vinyl. The CD is limited to 500 copies and the LP 1000 copies.

42 RP.jpg

Update added 11/21/2023
Several new titles coming in January/February 2024:

Xymox - Twist Of Shadows

Newly remastered 10-track LP reissue in deluxe gatefold sleeve. Comes in two color variants each limited to 500 copies. Includes the singles Obsession, Imagination and Blind Hearts

Suburban Lawns - Baby

Newly remastered 5-track EP reissue comes in two color variants each limited to 500 copies. Includes the underground favorite Flavor Crystals.

Eyeless In Gaza - Kodak Ghosts Run Amok (Chronological Singles Etc 1980-1986)

Newly remastered 13-track LP on colored vinyl and 26-track CD in gatefold eco-wallet, each limited to 500 copies:

Kodak Ghosts Run Amok, Invisibility, No Noise, Others, Pencil Sketch, Veil Like Calm, Bright Play Of Eyes, New Risen, No Perfect Stranger, Sun Bursts In, Welcome Now, New Love Here, Back From The Rains
CD Bonus Tracks:

China Blue Vision, The Feeling's Mutual, Whitewash, Plague Of Years, Keynote Inertia, Half-Light, Ever Present, One By One, Taking Steps (Original Version), Drumming The Beating Heart, Pearl And Pale, Lilt Of Music, Far Lands Blue

54 and 55.jpg

Update added 10/7/2023
Vivabeat was a Los Angeles based New Wave band that formed in 1978 and continued making music into the mid-80's. They were pioneers in the synthpop movement, releasing their underground dance hit Man From China in 1979. Their 1980 album Party In The War Zone was a daring combination of electronics, glam rock, alternative pop, and experimental sounds. Coming in early 2024, Rubellan Remasters presents the first ever CD reissue of the 1980 album, remastered from original master tapes and doubled in size to include a further 10 tracks culled from the band's personal archive, including several never before released. The album cover has been updated by founding member Marina Muhlfriedel and comes with a booklet including rare photos and lyrics to all songs.

Going further to celebrate the band's legacy, a new colored vinyl compilation is being released titled The House Is Burning - The Best of Vivabeat 1979-1986. This newly remastered collection includes three tracks from Party In The War Zone, several archive recordings from a previous compilation making their first vinyl appearance, and two additional previously unreleased songs that are exclusive to this LP. Both releases are strictly limited editions with the CD at 500 copies and the LP at 300 copies. Check out the music videos to Man From China and The House Is Burning below:

Vivabeat covers.jpg

Party In The War Zone CD:
1. Working For William
2. From The Bop
3. To The Heart
4. Not Dead Anymore
5. Popgirl
6. Man From China
7. Wild World
8. Enemy Fire
9. I Know Your Room
10. Jet Set

Bonus Tracks
11. The House Is Burning (But There’s No One Home)
12. Tents
13. Angry Red Planet*
14. The Good Life*
15. What We Talk About (When We Talk About Love)*
16. The Power Of Love*
17. Man From China (Alternate Version)*
18. On Patrol
19. Shine*
20. Blue Guitars*
*Previously Unreleased

The House Is Burning - The Best of Vivabeat 1979-1986 LP:
Side 1
1) Man From China
2) Working For William
3) The House Is Burning (But There's No One Home)
4) Tents
5) From The Bop 
6) Gray, Gray, Gray

Side 2
1) Blue Guitars*
2) Angry Red Planet*
3) What We Talk About (When We Talk About Love)*
4) Henry James
5) Glisser le Rat* (LP Exclusive)
6) The Last White Man* (LP Exclusive)
*Previously Unreleased

Update added 08/01/2023

Coming in October, two remastered colored vinyl reissues from Marietta, GA band Guadalcanal Diary. The debut LP Walking in the Shadow of the Big Man was originally released on DB Records in 1984 and then reissued in 1985 when the band was picked up by Elektra Records. The album includes one of their signature tunes, 'Watusi Rodeo'. The music video was featured in 1984 on MTV's Basement Tapes and helped land the band their major label deal.

By their third album 2 X 4 in 1987, the group had established themselves as a popular college radio band and were often categorized alongside R.E.M. as being part of the "Jangle Pop" movement, sharing producer Don Dixon. Album opener 'Litany (Life Goes On)' gained popularity on MTV's 120 Minutes and remains one of the band's best-known songs.

Both albums have been remastered and are being pressed on two limited colored vinyl editions, each variant limited to 500 copies. Special note is that 2 X 4 now includes the previous CD-only bonus track 'And Your Bird Can Sing' closing out side 1. Pre-orders are expected to open at some point in September.

Walking in the Shadow of the Big Man
500 on Afternoon Sunshine vinyl (Orange & Yellow marble)
500 on Mint Green vinyl

Side 1:
1)Trail Of Tears 2)Fire From Heaven 3)Sleepers Awake 4)Gilbert Takes The Wheel 5)Ghost On The Road

Side 2:
1)Watusi Rodeo 2)Why Do The Heathen Rage? 3)Pillow Talk 4)Walking In The Shadow Of The Big Man (Part 1) 5)Kumbayah

2 X 4
500 on Evening Sky vinyl (Blue & Purple marble)
500 on Pink w/Yellow vinyl

Side 1:
1)Litany (Life Goes On) 2)Under The Yoke 3)Get Over It 4)Little Birds 5)Things Fall Apart

6)Let The Big Wheel Roll 7)And Your Bird Can Sing

Side 2:
1)Where Angels Fear To Tread 2)Newborn 3)Winds Of Change 4)Say Please 5)3 AM 6)Lips Of Steel

48 and 49.jpg

Update added 08/01/2023

Opening for pre-order in August, a newly remastered vinyl edition of the Danielle Dax compilation 'Dark Adapted Eye'. With the CD having been reissued in 2019, it was time to revisit this diverse collection of songs on two new colored vinyl variants, each limited to 500 copies: Gold & White marble, Yellow translucent:

Side 1:
1. Cat-House 2. Big Hollow Man 3. White Knuckle Ride 4. Wh
en I Was Young 5. Yummer Yummer Man 6. Fizzing Human Bomb

Side 2:
1. Whistling For His Love 2. Flashback 3. Inky Bloaters 4. Brimstone In A Barren Land 5. Bad Miss 'M' 6. Touch Piggy's Eyes

RUBY47LP Danielle Dax - Dark Adapted Eye.jpg

Update added 06/05/2023

Coming late summer 2023, the 1980 debut EP from Oingo Boingo gets a long overdue vinyl reissue to close out the Rubellan Remasters vinyl reissue series. This special edition combines everything from the original 10" and later 12" versions to make the ideal package. The EP will be presented on 12" colored vinyl (two variants: Yellow with Purple swirl, Grey with Black swirl). The original inner sleeve, which was only part of the 10", has been converted into an insert for this release. Most significantly, the EP will now be 5 tracks to include both the 10" and 12" recordings of the song Ain't This The Life:

Side 1: 1) Only A Lad 2) Violent Love 3) Ain't This The Life (Version One)

Side 2: 1) Ain't This The Life (Version Two) 2) I'm So Bad

RUBY51EP Oingo Boingo EP.jpg

Update added 05/09/2023

Coming in August or September, a brand new vinyl pressing of the Missing Persons 'Spring Session M' LP. This repressing is being redone from the ground up - new audio, new lacquer cut, new manufacturer. This will be a smaller pressing, only 500 copies on a new purple blast color variant. After several repressings, the CD edition is now officially out of print.

MP NEW.jpg

Update added 04/13/2023

Coming around July or August 2023, a colored vinyl reissue of the 1989 Oingo Boingo compilation LP 'Skeletons In The Closet'. The collection focuses on the three albums released on the A&M label and includes 12 tracks:

Side 1 - Little Girls, Private Life (Edited Version), On The Outside, Nasty Habits, Grey Matter, Only A Lad, Side 2 - Wake Up (It's 1984), Insects, Whole Day Off, Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself), Nothing Bad Ever Happens, Who Do You Want To Be.

RUBY50LP Oingo Boingo - Skeletons In The Closet LP jacket 150.jpg
RUBY50LP S.jpg

Update added 02/15/2023

Due to ongoing demand, represses for the following LP's have been put in and should be available by summer:


Oingo Boingo - Only A Lad
500 copies

500 copies

Opaque Yellow + WHITE SWIRL

Oingo Boingo - Nothing To Fear
500 copies

500 copies

Opaque Brown + WHITE SWIRL

Oingo Boingo - Good For Your Soul
500 copies

500 copies

Opaque Deep Red + WHITE SWIRL

Visage - Fade To Grey:

The Singles Collection
500 copies

500 copies

Opaque Blue + PINK SWIRL

Update added 01/31/2023

Available February 17, 2023 (Pre-orders open now), the 1984 solo album by Oingo Boingo frontman Danny Elfman titled 'So-Lo'. This 9-track LP comes in two color variants, each limited to 500 copies each: Yellow & Black marble + Red & Black marble. Also available is the 1990 LP by Oingo Boingo titled 'Dark At The End Of The Tunnel'. The limited edition color variants on this 11-track LP are: Volcano Gold & Red swirl + Stone Silver & Black swirl.

41 and 45.jpg

Update added 01/21/2023

Pre-orders opening in February for the first CD reissue of the year, Cristina 'Sleep It Off'. The CD has been fully remastered from original master tapes from the Universal Music tape archive. In addition to the original 10-track album, the CD contains two legendary bonus tracks, 'Things Fall Apart', the hilariously unhappy Christmas song, and a single remix of Cristina's debut single 'Disco Clone'. Check out full details and sound samples on the Artists page.


Update added 11/01/2022

Available for pre-order Friday 11/04/2022, phase 2 of the Oingo Boingo/Danny Elfman CD reissue series starts with a 3-CD bundle including the Remastered & Expanded editions of the albums So-Lo/Boi-Ngo/Dark At The End Of The Tunnel. CD's will only be available as a 3-CD bundle during the pre-order period, but for those who only want one or two of the albums, they will be available for individual purchase on the release date, which is Friday 11/18/2022.

BB promo.jpg

Update added 10/10/2022

Oingo Boingo CD & LP track listings. CD's expected to open for pre-order in November, LP's early 2023 (February?)


Danny Elfman: So-Lo
CD w/bonus tracks & LP on two different color variants

1. Gratitude
2. Cool City
3. Go Away
4. Sucker For Mystery
5. It Only Makes Me Laugh
6. The Last Time
7. Tough As Nails
8. Lightning
9. Everybody Needs

bonus tracks
10. Gratitude

(Original Version)
11. Gratitude

(Extended Dance Version)
12. Gratitude

(Single Version)
13. Gratitude

(Tornado Version)
14. Gratitude

(Short Version)

Oingo Boingo: Dead Man's Party
LP on two different color variants

Side 1
1. Just Another Day
2. Dead Man's Party
3. Heard Somebody Cry
4. No One Lives Forever

Side 2
1. Stay
2. Fool's Paradise
3. Help Me
4. Same Man I Was Before
5. Weird Science

Oingo Boingo: Boi-Ngo
CD w/bonus tracks & LP on two different color variants

1. home again
2. where do all my friends go
3. elevator man
4. new generation
5. we close our eyes
6. not my slave
7. my life
8. outrageous
9. pain

bonus tracks
10. mama
11. pain

(extended dance mix)
12. not my slave

(extended remix)
13. weird science

(boingo dance version)
14. pain

(a cappella version)
15. not my slave

(club dub mix)

Oingo Boingo: Boingo Alive
Triple LP set on colored vinyl in deluxe tri-fold gatefold sleeve

Side A
1. Dead Man's Party
2. Dead Or Alive
3. No Spill Blood
4. Stay
5. Cinderella Undercover

Side B
1. Home Again
2. Help Me
3. Just Another Day
4. It Only Makes Me Laugh
5. My Life

Side C
1. Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself)
2. Not My Slave
3. We Close Our Eyes
4. Elevator Man
5. Return Of The Dead Man

Side D
1. Winning Side
2. Wild Sex (In The Working Class)
3. Grey Matter
4. Private Life
5. Gratitude

Side E
1. No One Lives Forever
2. Mama
3. Capitalism
4. Who Do You Want To Be
5. Sweat

Side F
1. Violent Love
2. On The Outside
3. Only A Lad
4. Goodbye-Goodbye
5. Country Sweat
6. Return Of The Dead Man 2

Oingo Boingo: Dark At The End Of The Tunnel
CD w/bonus tracks & LP on two different color variants

1. When The Lights Go Out
2. Skin
3. Out Of Control
4. Glory Be
5. Long Breakdown
6. Flesh 'N Blood
7. Run Away (The Escape Song)
8. Dream Somehow
9. Is This
10. Right To Know
11. Try To Believe

bonus tracks
12. Out Of Control

(Funky Vocal Mix)
13. Flesh 'N Blood

(Extended Version)
14. Try To Believe

(Soundtrack Version)
15. Out Of Control

(Power Mix)

Update added 10/01/2022

Continuing on with the successful Oingo Boingo LP and CD reissue campaign comes the next installment of releases. Track listings and pre-order dates will be announced at a later date, but here's what's included:

Oingo Boingo promo mail.jpg

Update added 09/18/2022

The 40th Anniversary colored vinyl editions of the Missing Persons LP 'Spring Session M' will open for pre-order on Monday, September 19 with an official release date of Friday, September 30. All customers who placed a pre-order in early July during the briefly open pre-order period should have received a shipping notice in the last few days. Thank you again for your patience as the issue with the product was resolved.

Side 1
1. Noticeable One
2. Windows
3. It Ain't None Of Your Business
4. Destination Unknown
5. Walking In L.A.
6. U.S. Drag

Side 2
1. Tears
2. Here And Now
3. Words
4. Bad Streets
5. Rock And Roll Suspension
6. No Way Out

RUBY16CD Missing Persons - Spring Session M email.jpg

Update added 09/08/2022

Now available for pre-order with an official release date of September 16, the original compilation LP from New Zealand band Split Enz 'History Never Repeats - The Best of Split Enz'. Including the hit single I Got You, along with 10 other tracks from 1979-1983. Available in two different color variants, each limited to 500 copies each: Violet & Blue splatter vinyl and Red Haze vinyl:

Side 1:
I Got You
Hard Act To Follow
Six Months In A Leaky Boat
What's The Matter With You
One Step Ahead
I See Red

Side 2:
Message To My Girl
History Never Repeats
I Hope I Never
Dirty Creature
Poor Boy

RUBY33LP Split Enz quad.jpg

Update added 08/23/2022

Missing Persons LP update:

Unfortunately, the Missing Persons 'Spring Session M' LP repress that should have been done by now has hit another delay. Today, I checked in with the manufacturer on the status and they informed me that one of the vinyl colors is currently out of stock and not expected for another couple of weeks (though they said they'd try to get it sooner). There really is no valid excuse for this because this repress has been lined up for some time and their materials should have been ready to go.

As a result of this latest manufacturing delay, anyone who placed an order for the Missing Persons LP during the brief pre-order window and included other items with their order, I am processing each of those orders now to get the additional items out to you without further delay. You will receive a 'Shipped' notice with the tracking number of this first package. I will then change your order back to 'Processing' to keep it open until the Missing Persons LP arrives. Once it does, I will send out another 'Shipped' notice with the second package tracking number. My apologies again for all of these issues and delays, and thanks for the ongoing patience and support.

Update added 08/22/2022

Due to ongoing demand, I have put in for another repress of the second Missing Persons CD 'Rhyme & Reason'. This is likely to be the final pressing and is smaller with only 500 copies. Since it's a smaller run it was more costly to manufacture, so the price will go up by $1 to help offset the difference. I also have a handful of leftover boxes from the limited box set (which includes all 3 Missing Persons CD reissues) that were available, so I will be offering a few of those as well. Not sure of an availability date yet but it should be fairly soon. Do note that the third CD, Color In Your Life, is just about sold out with no further repress planned.

Also, since it seems that many people missed out on the Oingo Boingo CD's 'Only A Lad' and 'Dead Man's Party', I will do another full repress of both, likely within the next couple of months. These two albums were the most popular of the four CD reissues and sold out some months before the other two.

The previously announced, and then cancelled third pressing of the Oingo Boingo LP 'Only A Lad' is back on again. I have since signed on with a new manufacturer and the current plan is to have it in hand by October or November. This pressing will remain as originally announced - 500 copies on Random Color vinyl and 500 copies on Glow In The Dark vinyl. Just keep in mind that Glow vinyl can have more inherent background noise than standard color vinyl, but not near as much as a picture disc. The price of this next run of LP's will be more expensive for several reason: The Glow vinyl compound is considerably more expensive than a regular color, the new manufacturer is more expensive, and the cost of the printed materials that were already completed with the previous manufacturer being shipped over to the new manufacturer is an additional cost.

Update added 08/07/2022

Missing Persons LP update

I checked in recently on the re-manufacturing of the Missing Persons LP and was informed that while everything is in progress, to expect an additional week or two to be added on the turnaround time. The new stock should be done and hopefully in hand by the end of August.

Update added 07/13/2022

Missing Persons LP update

I've been informed that my existing problematic stock will be picked up and the order is going to be redone from new stampers on up. After further discussion, the upcoming Split Enz LP, RUBY33LP, will be my last with this manufacturer. The third pressing of Oingo Boingo 'Only A Lad' LP has been cancelled. I'm told the new Missing Persons stock should be with me in about 4 weeks. Pre-orders will resume at a later time, as I will want to focus first on fulfilling those who pre-ordered during the window they were open.

Update 2 added 07/08/2022

NOTE: The Missing Persons LP is currently disabled in the online store while I address an issue. Pre-orders that were placed prior to this will remain as is in the queue. Basically, there was a manufacturing issue that was discovered that is being discussed with the manufacturer. More updates as they become available. Boingo is still active. Thank you.

Update added 07/08/2022

Pre-orders now open for two new LP's: Missing Persons 'Spring Session M' 40th Anniversary Edition - Oingo Boingo 'Good For Your Soul' second pressing on new colors. Head over to the online store to grab your copies.

NR promo.jpg

Update added 06/28/2022

The previously announced CD reissues of two That Petrol Emotion albums, End of the Millennium Psychosis Blues & Chemicrazy, have been cancelled. The basic reason is the label granted licenses in error, missing an important detail in the band's contract. A competing project was already in the works by another label and all of this created a major storm. To make matters worse, one of the CD's was completed and in hand before all of this came out. As of this writing, the situation is still not rectified. Either way, this has caused damage and will likely result in financial loss, and leaves the future of the label in question. For a greater overview of the situation, check out the Rubellan Remasters Facebook page.

TPE C.jpg

Update added 06/10/2022

Back in stock and now available to order - Oingo Boingo 'Nothing To Fear' LP and Divinyls 'Essential' LP, both on new limited edition color variants. Head over to the online store to grab your copies!

21 and 22 New.jpg

Update added 06/06/2022

Due to an oversight on the part of the licensing label, which really created a major cluster, the upcoming That Petrol Emotion CD reissues are currently on hold. More news as it becomes available.

TPE Halt.jpg

Update added 05/28/2022

Pre-orders opening in later June, official release date in July for CD reissues of the two Virgin albums by That Petrol Emotion: End Of The Millennium Psychosis Blue (1988) & Chemicrazy (1990). Licensed from Universal Music, both albums have been dynamically remastered from original master tapes and expanded to 20 tracks each, which includes a selection of B sides, non-album singles, live tracks and remixes. These releases mark the first time these albums have been given reissue attention in over 30 years. See the artist pages for full track listings and sound samples of the remastered audio.

TPE masters.jpg

Update added 04/24/2022

Coming in May, the first ever CD reissues of both classic Slow Children albums. Working directly with the band on these overdue releases, not only do these New Wave gems include all tracks from different variations of the albums, singles, B sides and extended mixes, but the band have opened their personal archive to include several previously unreleased recordings, including demos, outtakes, and a very early live track featuring Michael Steele, future Bangles, on bass. Check out their two music videos below.

RUBY35CD Slow Children front.jpg
RUBY36CD Slow Children - Mad About Town front.jpg

Update added 04/02/2022

Two more new release announcements:

First up in May will be a CD reissue of the 1981 album 'Repeat Repeat' by former Tangerine Dream member Peter Baumann. The CD will include the original 10-track album remastered from original master tapes from the Virgin UK tape archive. After releasing two well-received Progressive/Electronic/Instrumental solo albums in the late 70's, Baumann's 1981 third solo release is a straight forward electronic New Wave album with Baumann's vocal styling similar to Gary Numan and icy electronics that recall early John Foxx. The album was produced by Robert Palmer, along with Baumann. The CD will be represented in the original UK configuration. The original U.S. LP release came out on a different label, shuffled the running order and included different mixes of a couple of songs.


RUBY34CD Peter Baumann - Repeat Repeat front.jpg

The second announcement is a colored vinyl reissue of the original 1987 compilation LP by Split Enz titled 'History Never Repeats - The Best of Split Enz'. The 11-track LP has been remastered from each original album master for the best sound quality. This will initially be a pressing of 1000 split into two variations - 500 on Violet with Blue splatter & 500 on Red Haze vinyl (which is red vinyl mixed with cloudy/clear). This is expected in September 2022, pre-orders don't open until the item is in hand, which may be August or September. Stay tuned.

Track listing: Side 1 - I Got You, Hard Act To Follow, Six Months In A Leaky Boat, What's The Matter With You, One Step Ahead, I See Red. Side 2 - Message To My Girl, History Never Repeats, I Hope I Never, Dirty Creature, Poor Boy.

RUBY33LP Split Enz - History Never Repeats LP front.jpg
RUBY33LP Split Enz - History Never Repeats LP back.jpg

Update added 04/02/2022

Due to ongoing demand, there will be a third pressing of the Oingo Boingo 'Only A Lad' LP. This next pressing will hopefully be available in September 2022, and will consist of 500 copies on Random Color vinyl and 500 copies on Glow In The Dark viny. Note that the Glow vinyl may have a little more background noise than standard vinyl, but it should look pretty darn cool! Pre-orders don't open until the item is in hand, which may be August or September. Stay tuned.

RUBY20LP Oingo Boingo - Only A Lad (Random).jpg

Update added 02/28/2022

Two new release announcements:

First is the conclusion of my planned Divinyls reissue series with their 1988 release Temperamental being given the remastered and expanded CD treatment. Three singles were released from Temperamental: Back To The Wall, Hey Little Boy, and Punxsie. The album was long in the making and was intended to break the band in America with a more straight forward rock sound, but still distinctly Divinyls. In addition to the ten original tracks, three bonus tracks have been added, which includes an original 1985 previously unreleased Extended Remix of their earlier hit single Pleasure & Pain. The CD is expected to be released in April.


August (tentatively) will see my best-selling CD reissue being given a vinyl release. The gold selling Missing Persons album Spring Session M will see its first vinyl reissue in over 30 years with a multi-colored 40th Anniversary edition. Remastered specifically for this new LP reissue, the initial pressing will be 1000 copies split into two different color variations.


Update added 02/12/2022
The long-awaited second pressing of the 40th Anniversary colored vinyl edition of the 1981 OINGO BOINGO LP Only A Lad will open for pre-orders on Monday, February 14 with a release date of Friday, March 4. This new pressing also consists of two different color variations, both limited to 500 copies each: Red & Blue + Green & White. As with all of my vinyl releases, buyers are initially limited to only one copy of each color variation. If after the release date there is still stock available, buyers are welcome to purchase another copy of each.


20 NEW.jpg

Update added 01/26/2022

Due to popular demand, a second pressing of the Oingo Boingo LP's 'Nothing To Fear' & 'Good For Your Soul' have been ordered, each with new color variations (see below). These are expected around May or June 2022. The repressing of Only A Lad, which was expected in December, has been delayed a couple of times but is now scheduled for completion in mid-February.

The Divinyls compilation LP 'Essential' has also had a new order placed, this time will be a smaller pressing of 500 - 250 copies on semi-translucent orange vinyl and 250 copies on cobalt blue vinyl. These are also expected around May or June.

OB 2 and 3.jpg
RUBY21LP Divinyls.jpg

Update added 12/11/2021

Two more Visage reissues coming in 2022. The first is the long-awaited 'Cassette Remix Edition' of their 1984 album Beat Boy. The version on this new CD edition contains the rare 'Special Cassette Remix' which was only available in a handful of countries upon release in 1984. Remastered from the absolute original master tape from the Universal UK tape archive, the original 9 tracks will be augmented with a handful or bonus tracks, including the full 'Extended Dance Mix' of the single Beat Boy, which was only previously available on a rare promotional 12" single. Also included is a newly discovered single edit of the track Yesterday's Shadow, which had apparently been planned for a 7" single release but never materialized. The release is tentatively planned for February:

Visage NL.jpg

And coming summer 2022, a colored vinyl reissue of the Visage 'The Singles Collection'. Originally released in 1983, this newly remastered edition now includes two bonus tracks with the 1984 singles Love Glove & Beat Boy closing out each side of the LP. Below includes a mockup of the planned color variations - Opaque blue with grey splatter & Translucent blue with black smoke/marble:


Update added 10/8/2021

Pre-orders for the Ultravox LP 'Three Into One' begin Tuesday, October 12 with a release date of Friday, November 5. This comes in two different color variations limited to 500 copies each, limit of one of each variation per buyer: Green+Black & Blue+White

RUBY24LP Ultravox layout.jpg

Update added 10/7/2021
Pre-orders for the Oingo Boingo LP 'Nothing To Fear' begin Tuesday, October 12 with a release date of Friday, November 5. This comes in two different color splatter variations limited to 500 copies each, limit of one of each variation per buyer: Green+Black & Yellow+Red

RUBY22LP layout.jpg

Update added 9/3/2021
Pre-orders for the Oingo Boingo LP 'Good For Your Soul' begin Tuesday, September 7 with a release date of Friday, October 1. This comes on two different color splatter variations limited to 500 copies each, limit of one of each variation per buyer: Clear+Magenta & Orange+Yellow

RUBY23LP Oingo Boingo.jpg

Update added 7/25/2021
DIVINYLS Essential LP is available for pre-order. Release date is August 6 and pre-orders will begin shipping by then:

Divinyls 1991 compilation 'Essential' makes its vinyl debut, collecting 12 songs from their three 80's albums released on the Chrysalis label. This 30th Anniversary LP edition is presented on limited edition colored vinyl in two different variations: Blue with Orange splatter and Orange with Blue splatter. Please note that there are three individual options in the store, one for each color variation and one if interested in buying both. If interested in both variations make sure to select the bundle option instead of adding each individual LP to your cart, as the weight for the individual listings will be heavier than the bundle and will impact your shipping cost.

Side 1
1 Pleasure & Pain
2 Temperamental
3 Back To The Wall
4 Only Lonely
5 Punxsie
6 Don't You Go Walking

Side 2
1 Boys In Town
2 Hey Little Boy
3 Science Fiction
4 Sleeping Beauty
5 Casual Encounter
6 I'll Make You Happy

RUBY21LP Divinyls - Essential front.jpg
RUBY21LP Divinyls - Essential back.jpg

Update added 7/13/2021
Many thanks to most of those who made the Oingo Boingo 'Only A Lad' 40th Anniversary LP a one week sell out. It was a crazy frenzy to get all packages out in good time. Due to the demand, a repress has already been ordered with different color and design variations (see below). The repress is not expected until at least December but it may not go on sale until after the new year anticipating that this year's holiday mail backlog may be a repeat of last year.​

While I limited the amount of copies a buyer could purchase to reduce the amount of flippers price gouging on eBay or other sales platforms, it took no time at all for the flipping to begin. As a result, I will be further limiting the purchase amount on the upcoming Boingo LP's to only one of each color variation per buyer. Also, I have been able to identify some of the flippers and any further LP orders by these buyers will be cancelled and refunded (less Paypal fees since those are non-refundable).


OB New.jpg

Update added 6/19/2021

There's been several new entries added in the FAQ based on a number of recent comments and questions from forums and social media.

Update added 6/18/2021

Coming September 2021, four expanded and remastered Oingo Boingo CD reissues. Covering the material from 1980 - 1985, these expanded reissues include many rare 12" and single mixes, along with a number of soundtrack and compilation songs, many on CD for the first time.

OB albums.jpg

Only A Lad
1. Little Girls
2. Perfect System
3. On The Outside
4. Capitalism
5. You Really Got Me
6. Only A Lad
7. What You See
8. Controller
9. Imposter
10. Nasty Habits

CD Bonus Tracks:
11. Only A Lad
12. Violent Love
13. Ain't This The Life (10" Version)
14. I'm So Bad
15. Ain't This The Life (12" Version)

Nothing To Fear
1. Grey Matter
2. Insects
3. Private Life
4. Wild Sex (In The Working Class)
5. Running On A Treadmill
6. Whole Day Off
7. Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself)
8. Why'd We Come
9. Islands
10. Reptiles And Samurai

CD Bonus Tracks:
11. Better Luck Next Time
12. Private Life (Single Version)

Good For Your Soul
1. Who Do You Want To Be
2. Good For Your Soul
3. No Spill Blood
4. Cry Of The Vatos
5. Fill The Void
6. Sweat
7. Nothing Bad Ever Happens
8. Wake Up (It's 1984)
9. Dead Or Alive
10. Pictures Of You
11. Little Guns

CD Bonus Tracks:
12. Bachelor Party
13. Something Isn't Right
14. Wake Up (It's 1984)

     (Single Version)

Dead Man's Party
1. Just Another Day
2. Dead Man's Party
3. Heard Somebody Cry
4. No One Lives Forever
5. Stay
6. Fool's Paradise
7. Help Me
8. Same Man I Was Before
9. Weird Science

CD Bonus Tracks:
10. Take Your Medicine
11. Just Another Day

      (Single Version)
12. Dead Man's Party

      (Short Version)
13. Weird Science

      (Single Version)
14. Stay (Stay Late Mix)
15. Dead Man's Party

      (Party 'Til You're Dead Mix)
16. Weird Science

      (Extended Dance Version)

Update added 5/19/2021

Planned for an early October release, the original 1980 compilation LP from Ultravox titled 'Three Into One'. This collection from the John Foxx fronted late 70's incarnation of the band was originally released when Ultravox hit big in 1980 with new vocalist Midge Ure after barely missing the UK top singles spot with Vienna. The original Ultravox may not have had the chart success they deserved, but their influence is highly recognized today by fans and artists of electronic music.

Freshly remastered from original master tapes, 'Three Into One' explores Ultravox as they transition from aggressive punk influences in singles like Young Savage & ROckWrok, to the artistic leanings of The Wild, The Beautiful and the Damned & My Sex, to the pioneering electronics on the singles Slow Motion & Quiet Men. the LP will come in two different color variations each limited to 500 copies each.

Side 1:

Young Savage


Dangerous Rhythm

The Man Who Dies Everyday

The Wild, The Beautiful And The Damned

Side 2:

Slow Motion

Just For A Moment

Quiet Men (Full Version)

My Sex

Hiroshima Mon Amour

Update added 4/24/2021

While I post about projects that have been cleared for reissue, I also share projects that have been denied. In many cases, I'm not necessarily given a reason but sometimes find out information that likely indicates the denial. I've just received four:


Berlin - Count Three And Pray (Expanded Edition)

This has been one of the most requested titles, and really disappoints because I didn't expect there to be a problem since I reissued their two previous albums. It was originally suspected that the song Take My Breath Away, which was originally part of a Sony owned soundtrack album, might have been the problem but when I put forth the idea of doing a new band compilation album to absorb a number of other songs from the album, I was told that would also be denied, though no idea why.


The Fixx - Reach The Beach, Phantoms, Walkabout (Expanded Editions)

I had hoped to give some overdue attention to The Fixx catalog, even expanding the albums further than the last reissues. After the denials were received it was pointed out by a few people that the band were having the rights reverted to them next year, which would explain the denials. A couple of years ago, I had contacted the band about licensing their debut album Shuttered Room, as they've always owned the rights to this one and had been licensing it to MCA and other labels in the past. They were not interested in licensing it at the time.


Hopefully, I will have new clearances soon that I can post about here.

Update added 4/18/2021

With an expected release of June 2021, Rubellan Remasters kicks off our first ever vinyl reissues with the highly anticipated 40th Anniversary Edition of the 1981 debut LP by Oingo Boingo titled Only A Lad. The initial release is a limited edition of 1000 split into two different color variations: 500 in blue and orange splatter vinyl and 500 in yellow and green splatter vinyl.

This will be followed in September  2021 with the reissues of the 1982 album Nothing To Fear: 500 in green and black splatter vinyl and 500 in red and yellow splatter vinyl, and the 1983 album Good For Your Soul: 500 in orange and yellow splatter vinyl and 500 in clear and magenta splatter vinyl. All three albums have been remastered from original master tapes. Please be sure to read The Vinyl Policy from the menu at the top to understand Rubellan Remasters' approach to the sale of all upcoming and future vinyl reissues.

And yes, we are attempting to do CD reissues for all of these with a number of exciting extra tracks, but still awaiting a final answer.

RUBY20LP Oingo Boingo - Only A Lad front
RUBY22LP Oingo Boingo - Nothing To Fear
RUBY23LP Oingo Boingo - Good For Your So

With an expected release of July 2021, Rubellan Remasters adds to our successful Divinyls reissue program with the first ever Divinyls compilation on vinyl, the 1991 12 track selection titled Essential. The collection includes highlights from the legendary Australian bands first three albums from the 80's on the Chrysalis label, including their biggest 80's hits Pleasure & Pain and Boys In Town, along with other singles like Science Fiction and Sleeping Beauty. Essential will be a limited edition of 1000: 500 on blue vinyl with orange splatter and 500 on orange vinyl with blue splatter. The album has been remastered from all of the original album master tapes for the best sound quality.

RUBY21LP Divinyls - Essential front.jpg

Despite all of the upcoming vinyl releases, we have quite a few CD reissue requests still going through the clearance process, many of which are at the final step. So hopefully there will be news for you diehard CD fans fairly soon.

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