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Missing Persons / Spring Session M CD (2021 Remastered & Expanded Edition)

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Formed in 1980 by the core trio of Dale and Terry Bozzio along with Warren Cuccurullo, Missing Persons perfectly fit into the New Wave movement. With her quirky singing style and colorful homemade attire put together from various forms of plastic, along with anything else that captured her interest, Dale Bozzio created a unique image that was both ear and eye candy. Husband Terry brought powerhouse drumming to their sound that was impressive and astounding, and added immediate credibility. Warren brought a rocking guitar sound that could either provide a melodic accompaniment or blistering solo, all with a distinctive sound that was very much his own.
Missing Persons’ first release was a 7” 4-track EP that quickly became a west coast hit with the immediate high energy of Mental Hopscotch, a song which the band mimed to in the 1981 movie Lunch Wagon. This was enough to catch the attention of Capitol Records who signed Missing Persons and re-released a slightly modified 12” version of the EP in 1982. Replacing the quirky cover of The Doors’ track Hello, I Love You with a new composition called Words, Dale Bozzio could regularly be seen reciting the lyrics “Do you hear me? Do you care…” in the music video on MTV, which was put into heavy rotation.
Released in late 1982, the full length debut album Spring Session M (an anagram for the band’s name) became an instant hit, eventually achieving Gold status. Now including additional members Patrick O’Hearn and Chuck Wild on bass and keyboards, the music video for the hit single Destination Unknown was put into heavy rotation on MTV and video shows around the country. Two additional chart singles, Windows and Walking In L.A., were also released.

Rubellan Remasters is proud to reissue the full catalog of the original Missing Persons, starting with Spring Session M. Dynamically remastered from original master tapes from the Universal Music tape archive, Spring Session M not only includes the original 12 album tracks, but has been expanded to include the additional songs from the debut EP. As an added bonus, a previously unreleased 1983 mix of the 1980 archive song Action Reaction has been included to round out the 16 tracks.

1. Noticeable One
2. Windows
3. It Ain't None Of Your Business
4. Destination Unknown
5. Walking In L.A.
6. U.S. Drag
7. Tears
8. Here And Now
9. Words
10. Bad Streets
11. Rock And Roll Suspension
12. No Way Out

Bonus Tracks:
13. I Like Boys
14. Mental Hopscotch
15. Hello, I Love You
16. Action Reaction

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