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Oingo Boingo / Boi-Ngo LP: Gold/Green marble

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After the success of their 1985 album Dead Man's Party, Oingo Boingo return in 1987 with Boi-Ngo. Continuing their evolution from the frantic high energy of the early albums, Boi-Ngo emphasizes electronics and dance grooves. The first single 'Pain', released in late 1986, makes use of then-current technology with a stomping beat and sound samples. The single 'Not My Slave' originally dated from the Dead Man's Party sessions but wasn't used at the time. The song harkened back to the earlier sound of upbeat and catchy hooks. The final single 'We Close Our Eyes' is a straight-forward Alternative pop song.

Side 1
1. Home Again
2. Where Do All My Friends Go
3. Elevator Man
4. New Generation

Side 2
1. We Close Our Eyes
2. Not My Slave
3. My Life
4. Outrageous
5. Pain

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