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SPK / Machine Age Voodoo CD (Expanded Edition)

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Moving away from the industrial noise they were originally associated with, SPK became a highly melodic electronic duo for their album ‘Machine Age Voodoo’. Still retaining subtle elements of the industrial sound, SPK music was danceable yet delicate, melodic and at times ethereal. With a backing track provided by future film composer Graeme Revell and vocals provided by Sinan, ‘Machine Age Voodoo’ became a classic at a time when New Wave was transitioning into a more danceable Alternative Rock. Officially licensed from Warner Music Group and dynamically mastered from original master tapes, the album has never sounded better. This brand new edition also contains 6 bonus tracks never previously released on CD, including the original 1983 recording of ‘Metal Dance’, the track ‘Thin Ice’, which was previously unavailable in the U.S., and several rare remixes and extended versions.

1. Machine Age Voodoo
2. With Love From China
3. High Tension
4. One World
5. Flesh And Steel
6. Metropolis
7. Metal Dance
8. Seduction
9. Crime Of Passion

Bonus Tracks:
10. Thin Ice
11. Flesh And Steel (Remix Edit)
12. Machine Age Voodoo (Special Crash Mix)
13. Metal Dance (Original Version)
14. High Tension (Extended Version)
15. Flesh And Steel (Extended Remix)

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