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Vivabeat / The House Is Burning: The Best Of 1979-1986 LP: Blue & Purple vinyl

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UPC: 783970001740

Release date, December 8

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Going further to celebrate Vivabeat's legacy, a new colored vinyl compilation LP is being released titled The House Is Burning - The Best of Vivabeat 1979-1986. This newly remastered collection includes three tracks from Party In The War Zone, several archive recordings from a previous compilation making their first vinyl appearance, and two additional previously unreleased songs that are exclusive to this LP. The title track The House Is Burning (But There's No One Home) was featured in the 1984 Brian DePalma film Body Double and includes former Japan member Rob Dean on guitar. Blue Guitars and What We Talk About (When We Talk About Love) are recently unearthed versions featuring original vocalist Terrance Robay (previously released versions featured a female vocalist) and were rescued from long-dormant multitrack tapes, remixed in 2023 by Earle Mankey with Blue Guitars featuring a brand new drum track performed by Clem Burke of Blondie. LP is Strictly limited to 300 copies on purple and blue vinyl.

Side 1:

1. Man From China

2. Working For William

3. The House Is Burning (But There's No One Home)

4. Tents

5. From The Bop

6. Gray, Gray, Gray

Side 2:

1. Blue Guitars*

2. Angry Red Planet*

3. What We Talk About (When We Talk About Love)*

4. Henry James

5. Glisser le Rat*

6. The Last White Man*

* Previously unreleased

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