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Peter Baumann / Repeat Repeat

CD release date 5/20/2022

Former Tangerine Dream member, Peter Baumann, returns in 1981 with his third solo album Repeat Repeat. After two well received electronic/progressive/instrumental albums in the late seventies, Repeat Repeat, produced by Robert Palmer along with Baumann, is a straight forward electro-New Wave album. This new venture has Baumann providing vocals on all tracks with a style similar to Gary Numan and icy electronics that recall Kraftwerk and early John Foxx. The title track was given a single release and music video in the UK. By the time the album was released in the USA, the running order was shuffled and a couple of songs had been remixed. Daytime Logic was released as a single and became an underground dance hit. This brand new remaster from the absolute original master tapes represents the album in the original UK 10-track configuration.

1. Repeat Repeat
2. Home Sweet Home
3. Deccadance
4. Realtimes
5. M.A.N. Series Two
6. Brain Damage
7. Kinky Dinky
8. Daytime Logic
9. Playland Pleasure
10. What Is Your Use?

RUBY34CD Peter Baumann - Repeat Repeat front.jpg
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