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RUBY36CD Slow Children - Mad About Town front.jpg

Slow Children / Mad About Town

CD release date 5/20/2022

The second Slow Children album brings another set of smart and witty lyrics to compliment another batch of catchy and memorable songs. The sound is once again filled out and produced by Jules Shear and Stephen Hague. While the album was only released in North America, it had no lack of quality material. Vanessa Vacillating was given a single release with an insistent beat that was expanded into a 12" Extended Remix. Suspense has a cowboy campfire sound with Shazar singing in an amusing southern drawl. Missing Missiles is a brief, frantic track with hints of the earlier Punk movement. East Berlin By Rail has Chinich taking lead vocals to close out the album on a promising note. However, it wouldn't be until 2016 when Slow Children returned for their third album Cottoncloud9. Reissued with full involvement of the band, the bonus tracks on this first ever CD release includes a number of extended and remixed singles but also another lost treasure in the previously unreleased Past Disasters.​

1. One More Trauma

2. Late Night Transatlantic

3. Unplugging The Vacuum

4. Vanessa Vacillating

5. Suspense

6. Respective Sides

7. Skill Of A Caveman

8. Missing Missiles

9. East Berlin By Rail


Bonus Tracks

10. Past Disasters*
11. President Am I (Extended Version)
12. Spring In Fialta (Extended Version)
13. Vanessa Vacillating (Extended Remix)
14. Unplugging The Vacuum (Extended Remix)
*Previously unreleased

RUBY36CD Slow Children - Mad About Town front.jpg
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