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Slow Children

CD release date 5/20/2022

One of the most overlooked bands of the New Wave era was America's own Slow Children. While originally a full fledged band that included Michael Steele (future Bangles) on bass, by the time of their first recordings they were down to the duo of Pal Shazar (vocals) and Andrew Chinich (vocals & guitar). Their sound was filled out with assistance from singer/songwriter Jules Shear providing guitars, and Stephen Hague providing bass and synthesizers, both also sharing production credits. Hague would go on to become recognized as a legendary producer with such impressive credits as Pet Shop Boys, New Order, OMD and Siouxsie and the Banshees, among many others.
The debut Slow Children album displayed smart lyrics over a variety of catchy and quirky rhythms. President Am I became their signature song with a music video that got occasional airtime on the brand new MTV. Talk About Horses also got the single and music video treatment. A later single, Spring In Fialta, was a high-energy dancefloor stomper that was appended to the U.S. edition of the debut LP. Reissued with complete involvement of the band, who were enthusiastic enough to open their own personal recording vault to add a several never before released rarities to compliment the additional bonus tracks.

1. Brazilian Magazines
2. I Got A Good Mind
3. Talk About Horses
4. Malicious
5. She’s Like America
6. President Am I
7. Too Weak To Eat
8. Home Life
9. Staring At The Ceiling
10. Ticket To France
11. Stuck In Transit

Bonus Tracks
12. Spring In Fialta
13. Staring At The Ceiling (Single Version)
14. That Statue Moved
15. Tear Jerk*
16. Who’s Gonna Kiss Me Goodnight*
17. President Am I (U.S. Album Version)
18. Kid South*
19. TKO*
20. Dancing In The Wrong Direction (Live)*
*Previously unreleased

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