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RUBY60LP Suzanne Vega - 99-9F LP front.jpg

Suzanne Vega / 99.9F°

LP released May 31, 2024

Singer/Songwriter Suzanne Vega appeared on the scene in the mid-80s with her folk inspired music. Originally acoustic-led with touches of keyboards, the debut self-titled album found its biggest success in the UK where the single Marlene On The Wall entered the top 40. The second album, Solitude Standing, took a more pop/rock approach and achieved USA success with the single Luka. The album's originally acappella opening track, Tom's Diner, was remixed into a dance track in 1990 and became a hit in multiple countries.
Continuing on with the experimentation of Tom's Diner, Vega's 1992 fourth album 99.9F° was her most diverse yet. The album became an underground hit in the USA being embraced by alternative music crowd. But unlike the loud guitars or heavy dance beats of most alternative music of the day, 99.9F° was very melodic and still retained some of the acoustic style of earlier albums. The music video for Blood Makes Noise was given heavy rotation on MTV's underground video show 120 Minutes, partially because of the out-of-character industrial vibe. Further singles for the title track and When Heroes Go Down were also well-received and cemented 99.9F° as a classic. Remastered from original tapes and presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve, 99.9F° is reissued on a strictly limited one-time only pressing of 1000 on two different colored vinyl variants.

Side 1:

1. Rock In This Pocket (Song Of David)

2. Blood Makes Noise

3. In Liverpool

4. 99.9F°

5. Blood Sings

6. Fat Man And Dancing Girl

Side 2:

1. (If You Were) In My Movie

2. As A Child

3. Bad Wisdom

4. When Heroes Go Down

5. As Girls Go

6. Song Of Sand

RUBY60LP Suzanne Vega - 99-9F LP front.jpg
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