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That Petrol Emotion

CD release date TBD

For the fourth That Petrol Emotion album, Chemicrazy, producer Scott Litt (R.E.M.) gave the band a more straight-forward Alternative Rock sound. Two singles, Hey Venus and Sensitize, got heavy rotation on MTV's 120 Minutes and showed the band capable of catchy pop songs. Additional singles, Abandon and Tingle, were given radically different remixes for their 12" single releases that foreshadowed the upcoming House Music sound of the dance clubs. The bonus tracks include single B sides and a selection of the various remixes done for each of the singles, expanding the CD to over 79 minutes.

1. Hey Venus

2. Blue To Black

3. Mess Of Words

4. Sensitize

5. Another Day

6. Gnaw Mark

7. Scumsurfin'

8. Compulsion

9. Tingle

10. Head Staggered

11. Abandon

12. Sweet Shiver Burn

Bonus Tracks:

13. Fat Mouth Creed

14. Jewel

15. Light & Shade

16. Cinnamon Girl

17. Abandon (Boys Own Mix)

18. Hey Venus (Mad Thatcher Disease Mix)

19. Sensitize (Sensi Mix)

20. Tingle (Hard Boppin' Mix)

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