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That Petrol Emotion
End Of The Millennium Psychosis Blues

CD release date TBD

That Petrol Emotion formed in the mid-80's by core members Sean O'Neill, of the recently disbanded The Undertones,  and Reámann O'Gormain. The new band was filled out by Sean's brother (also an ex-Undertone) Damian O'Neill, Ciaran McLaughlin, and vocalist Steve Mack. After a series of hook-filled singles and their debut album Manic Pop Thrill gained popularity on the indie charts, the band was eventually signed to major label Polydor for their second album, Babble, in 1987. By the end of 1987, the band had moved to Virgin for their next two albums before returning to their indie roots for their final album, Fireproof, in 1993.

End Of The Millennium Psychosis Blues was That Petrol Emotion's third album but first for Virgin Records. Released in 1988, the two singles that came from the album couldn't have been more different. The first single, Cellophane, was a Celtic folk song with an accordion, while the second single, Groove Check, was a very modern dance track. The album as a whole is an eclectic variety of styles and experimentation that showed no boundaries to their musical endeavors. The bonus tracks include their 1987 debut Virgin single Genius Move, a number of single B sides, remixes and live versions.

1. Sooner Or later
2. Every Little Bit
3. Cellophane
4. Candy Love Satellite
5. Here It Is... Take It!
6. The Price Of My Soul
7. Groove Check
8. The Bottom Line
9. Tension
10. Tired Shattered Man
11. Goggle Box
12. Under The Sky

Bonus Tracks:
13. Genius Move (12" Mix)
14. Party Games
15. Think Of A Woman
16. Hot Head
17. Chemicrazy
18. Groove Check (10" Mix)
19. Tension (Live)
20. Under The Sky (Live)

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