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CD available 9/28/18 - Sold Out!

The very beginnings of the short lived New Romantic movement of the early 80’s can be traced back to one band, Visage. With a style built around flamboyant fashions and make up, New Romantic was a highly visual expression perfect for the new music video generation. Visage was a sort of super group, fronted by vocalist Steve Strange, famous for his antics of enforcing a strict door policy at the Blitz club. The musicians came from various bands, including Ultravox, Rich Kids and Magazine, bringing a wealth of collective talent to the project. The resulting 1980 self-titled debut album was an immediate hit, supported by several successful singles, including ‘Mind of a Toy’, ‘Visage’ and their trademark ‘Fade to Grey’. Strong dance beats, moody synthesizers, as well as an occasional squealing sax, were the backdrop to Strange’s unique vocal style. This long overdue expanded edition is remastered from original master tapes and includes for the first time all Polydor-related period material on one CD for a total of 17 tracks. The 8 page booklet includes extensive liner notes layered over the colorful single picture sleeves.

1. Visage
2. Blocks on Blocks
3. The Dancer
4. Tar
5. Fade to Grey
6. Malpaso Man
7. Mind of a Toy
8. Moon Over Moscow
9. Visa-age
10. The Steps

Bonus Tracks:
11. We Move
12. Fade to Grey (Dance Mix)
13. Mind of a Toy (Dance Mix)
14. Visage (Dance Mix)
15. We Move (Dance Mix)
16. Frequency 7 (Dance Mix)
17. Second Steps

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