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Cristina / Sleep It Off

Release date 3/10/2023


Before Madonna, the world had the magnificent Cristina. Pre-dating the 1980's boom of first-name-only artists, Cristina was pioneering the concept with her 1978 debut single 'Disco Clone' on the ZE record label, a straight-forward (musically) Disco song but with tongue-in-cheek lyrics mocking the scene. The single became an underground success and Cristina released a Disco-style debut LP in 1980. After her controversial (by early eighties standards) lyrically modified cover of the standard 'Is That All There Is?' was forcibly withdrawn due to complaints by the original songwriters, Cristina began working on what would become her second album, Sleep It Off. Taking a more contemporary New Wave approach to the material, Cristina added her own slant with campy downbeat lyrics. She presented songs about loveless relationships, gold-diggers, prostitution, and other seedy subject matter, with a charmingly wry wit, alternating between deadpan, sneering, and dramatic deliveries. While originally intended to be released on Island Records in 1982, Sleep It Off sat on the shelf for two years until a new deal was inked with Mercury Records and the LP was finally released in 1984. 'Ticket To The Tropics' was selected as the single, a catchy tune co-written with Doug Feiger of The Knack fame. The music video was given a very brief run on MTV and then fell off the public radar. Despite being critically applauded, Sleep It Off soon became a little-known underground classic with a small but devoted following. In the decades that followed, Cristina's output has gradually been discovered by new converts who missed out on her genius during its initial run, but better late than never.

Sleep It Off is presented on CD remastered from original master tapes from the Universal Music tape archive for the first time ever, (previous CD reissues had been sourced from vinyl). Aside from the original 10-track album, two legendary bonus tracks have been included. 'Things Fall Apart' was originally recorded as part of a ZE label Christmas album for the 1981 holiday season, and is the most hilariously miserable Christmas song ever recorded. Cristina's one-note tone recites such lyrical treats as "My boyfriend said it's really sweet the way you go for Christmas cheer. I said we can't afford the tree. He said love is free. So we trimmed the cactus with my earrings that we'd meant to pawn". 'Disco Clone' is included in a 1981 single remix for the B side of the 'Things Fall Apart' UK single. Unfortunately, Cristina Monet-Palaci passed away in April 2020, an early casualty of the Covid 19 pandemic. But her music lives on for those lucky enough to appreciate her slanted take on life.

1. Don't Mutilate My Mink
2. Ticket To The Tropics
3. She Can't Say That Anymore
4. Quicksand Lovers
5. Rage And Fascination
6. Ballad Of Immoral Earnings
7. What A Girl To Do
8. The Lie Of Love
9. Blue Money
10. He Dines Out On Death

Bonus Tracks:
11. Things Fall Apart
12. Disco Clone (7" Mix)

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