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The Vinyl Policy


Please read the full disclaimer below. If you choose to accept and complete the purchase, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions. If you do not agree, please do not complete the purchase.

Vinyl is an imperfect medium, and there's been far too many forum postings and reviews of people returning copy after copy of a vinyl release because of surface noise or other quibbles. While the remastering for vinyl produced for Rubellan Remasters goes through the same intense scrutiny as our CD's and test pressings are carefully reviewed, it's understood that surface noise is inherent in the medium and to expect something spotless in unrealistic, especially since modern day vinyl pressing is not near as reliable as it was decades ago. We take the step to convert original inner sleeves to inserts so the LP itself is enclosed in a protective poly-lined inner sleeve to help reduce static and debris.

We also avoid using 180g vinyl because the thicker the vinyl, there's more chance of warping, dishing, and being off center. That said, we offer no guarantees each copy is perfectly flat or perfectly centered. We offer these fun colored vinyl limited editions for those who enjoy the format but understand it's not perfect. We are in no way advertising these as the ultimate audiophile vinyl product, but do expect that they will generally sound very good.

Each LP is factory sealed in shrink wrap or resealable plastic sleeve, but if you would prefer to have your copy opened and the inner sleeve with the vinyl placed outside of the jacket to prevent possible seem splits during transit, please email with your order number promptly after your order is placed and this service will be provided. By offering this service, if your LP arrives with seam splits, it's not covered. 

If an item is grossly damaged in transit or other unforeseen circumstances, we will work with customer to resolve the situation, but those will be the only exceptions. Domestic buyers will be responsible for returning the damaged or defective item (media mail is fine) for replacement (if any are available) or refund. Again, if you don't feel you can agree to the vinyl policy, please do not purchase the format.

The CD Policy

Replacement CD jewel cases will no longer be sent in the event a crack occurs during shipping. Replacement cases can easily be purchased online or in stores in very affordable packs (single or double cases) because buyers will no doubt experience the occasional crack with future online CD purchases, so they are beneficial to have on hand. I package well enough and cost effectively for the buyer that CD's usually arrive without issue, but there are no guarantees with USPS handling. It costs about $5 (domestic) to send out a $1 (or less) jewel case, so it will no longer be cause for replacement. If your item has been damaged to where the contents has been affected, my standard return/replacement policy still applies.

General Return/Replacement/Refund Policy

If you place an order, pay by Paypal and then request your order be cancelled, Paypal fees are non-refundable. Paypal keeps the fees they charge regardless if an order is refunded. Additionally, refunds or replacements are only provided for items returned (at the buyers expense). Items that have been opened are only eligible for refund upon return of original item if the item is no longer in stock, otherwise a replacement will be sent once the opened item is returned. Returns/refunds will only be considered within 30 days of the item's arrival, so it is up to the buyer to review their purchases within that timeframe.

Thank you

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