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Eyeless In Gaza
Back From The Rains

CD released 02/16/2024

The 1986 album from Eyeless In Gaza, titled Back From The Rains, shows the band making a conscious effort at accessibility. This, the final album for Cherry Red and the last before disbanding for several years, takes on a full band approach by adding a drummer and polishing up the production for a more radio friendly sound. The first sample of this new direction was the single Welcome Now. The track took advantage of the technology of the day and producer John Brand helped give the band an upbeat hook-filled shine. A further release of the title track has a more adult-contemporary sound. The album wanders between a couple of acappella tracks to several pop-oriented tunes of varying tempos with an overall feel of a spring afternoon.


Back From The Rains has been newly remastered for this expanded CD reissue and includes 6 bonus tracks. Along with two additional non-album tracks from a related EP release, four album outtakes are included, previously only available on a long out-of-print collection of previously unreleased material from the early nineties. Each of the four tracks are far from lesser throwaway tunes. All Lone Hours can only be described as pure upbeat joy, while From Drawn Blinds is a classic Eyeless melody. Early Empty Lanes and My Lost Melody could have easily fit on the album.

1. Between These Dreams

2. Twilight

3. Back From The Rains

4. Lie Still, Sleep Long

5. Catch Me

6. Evening Music

7. She Moves Thru The Fair

8. Sweet Life Longer

9. New Love Here

10. Welcome Now

11. Your Rich Sky

12. Flight Of Swallows

13. My Last, Lost Melody

Bonus Tracks:

14. All Lone Hours

15. From Drawn Blinds

16. Early Empty Lanes

17. My Lost Melody

18. Far Lands Blue

19. Catch Me, Count Me, Catch Fire

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