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Eyeless In Gaza
Kodak Ghosts Run Amok
(Chronological Singles Etc 1980-1986)

LP and CD released 1/19/2024

Eyeless In Gaza formed in 1980 in Warwickshire, England by Martyn Bates and Peter Becker. Their music is undeniably unique but the band has often been described as Post-Punk, New Wave, Art Rock, Avant-Folk, and anywhere in and around. Their sound often consists of keyboards, guitar, bass, various types of percussion and, initially at least, the wild vocal stylings of Martyn Bates. Their early albums released on Cherry Red could range from beautiful soundscapes with chill-inducing melodies, to warped, wild nightmares with sounds squealing and squawking while Bates growled and shouted completely unrestrained. By 1983, the vocal acrobatics were dialed back and the music became more accessible, albeit slightly. By their 1986 album Back From The Rains, and the last for Cherry Red, Eyeless In Gaza were making a conscious effort to make more commercial music, though at no loss of quality. The sparse songs of light percussion, electronics and guitar were still present but now accompanied by songs with polished and catchy hooks. However, after this change failed to attract interest from larger labels or broaden their audience beyond cult status, Eyeless In Gaza disbanded with Bates going solo... at least until the early 90's. The band has continued to release new material on their own label on a relatively consistent basis while Bates also continues his solo career.

Originally released in 1987 to summarize what initially appeared to be the end of the story, Kodak Ghosts Run Amok (Chronological Singles Etc 1980-1986) collects 13 tracks from the debut single of the same name, through various non-album single A-sides and choice album tracks to give a radical overview of this brilliant catalog of music, displaying the minimal homegrown beginnings to the richness of the full-band approach. Along with the newly remastered 13-track colored vinyl reissue, a CD reissue has been doubled in size to include a further 13 songs from the same period offering some of the single B sides and additional highlights from related albums and EPs.

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