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2023 TEST PRESSING #1 LP Danielle Dax /Dark Adapted Eye BLACK VINYL

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Black vinyl test pressing from New Orleans Record Press. Comes in stock picture sleeve. Note that this first test pressing was rejected because the cutter forgot to insert a space between tracks 5 and 6 on side one. The audio is fine, it just looks like one long song at the end rather than visually two tracks.

Side 1
1. Cat-House
2. Big Hollow Man
3. White Knuckle Ride
4. When I Was Young
5. Yummer Yummer Man
6. Fizzing Human Bomb

Side 2
1. Whistling For His Love
2. Flashback
3. Inky Bloaters
4. Brimstone In A Barren Land
5. Bad Miss 'M'
6. Touch Piggy's Eyes

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