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Oingo Boingo / 5-Track EP: Grey w/Black

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The debut EP by Oingo Boingo was released in 1980 on IRS Records. Three of the four songs included were from a self-financed demo the band had been passing around in an effort to obtain a recording contract. IRS originally released the EP on 10" vinyl with an inner sleeve containing lyrics and credits, including the original version of the track that would become the title of their eventual debut LP, Only A Lad. The EP would later be reissued on 12" vinyl, though no longer with the inner sleeve, and replaced the original recording of the song Ain't This The Life with a new recording more in line with the hyperactive vocals front man Danny Elfman would soon become known for. This new colored vinyl reissue compiles everything into a 12" package containing both versions of Ain't This The Life and including an insert replicating the inner sleeve from the original 10" release.

Side 1
1. Only A Lad (Original Version)
2. Violent Love
3. Ain't This The Life (10" Version)

Side 2
1. Ain't This The Life (12" Version)
2. I'm So Bad

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