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Suburban Lawns

EP released 1/19/2024

After making a splash with their 1979 debut single Gidget Goes To Hell, Suburban Lawns released their 1981 self-titled debut LP, which featured another cult single Janitor. The final Suburban Lawns offering was the 1983 5-track EP titled Baby. With the band now paired down to a four-piece, the three tracks on side 1 continued in the zany style the band had become known for. The best-known track Flavor Crystals remains a popular underground favorite today. Su Tissue provides a quirky vocal delivery over the catchy drum and bass backdrop. Enjoy and Hug You are both upbeat and catchy, each sung by other members of the band with Tissue providing backing vocals. Side 2 shows the band moving into a more artsy and experimental direction with the Baby title track receiving a music video. Remastered from original master tapes, Baby is presented here on its first ever standalone vinyl reissue, available on two different colored vinyl variants each limited to 500 copies each.

Side 1:
1. Flavor Crystals

2. Enjoy

3. Hug You

Side 2:

1. Baby

2. Cowboy

RUBY55EP Suburban Lawns - Baby front.jpg
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