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Visage - Beat Boy CD.jpg

Visage / Beat Boy
(Cassette Remix Edition)

CD release date 02/18/2022

After several successful years as pioneers of the New Romantic movement, Visage return in 1984 with several new band members and a new direction. Steve Strange and Rusty Egan welcome Steve and Gary Barnacle, along with Andy Barnett, to create their new sound. Beat Boy takes a harder-edged dancefloor approach, adding industrial sounds and boosting the focus on guitars and beats. The first single Love Glove transitions from the past to the future with a smooth and familiar Visage melody and dancefloor hook. The follow up single Beat Boy takes full advantage of the Fairlight synthesizer to create an aggressive beat layered with various sounds and samples.
Beat Boy was originally released in select territories on a 'Special Cassette Remix', taking most of the album versions and remixing or extending the songs exclusively for the tape format. This new reissue from the original master tape presents this special version for the first time on the CD format as the 'Cassette Remix Edition'. In addition, five bonus tracks have been appended, including the 'Extended Dance Mix' of Beat Boy, originally only available on a rare promotional 12" single. A previously unreleased 7" version of the sublime Yesterday's Shadow was discovered in the Universal tape archive and is included here. The CD booklet includes a recent interview with Steve Barnacle giving a track-by-track commentary on the making of the album.


1. Beat Boy 7:19

2. Casualty 6:02

3. Questions 7:11

4. Only The Good (Die Young) 5:33

5. Can You Hear Me 6:32

6. The Promise 4:10

7. Love Glove 5:45

8. Yesterday's Shadow 6:34

9. Reprise 2:35

Bonus Tracks

10. Beat Boy (Extended Dance Mix) 8:44

11. Love Glove (Full Version) 6:36

12. She's A Machine 4:50

13. Yesterday's Shadow (7" Version - Previously Unreleased) 4:02

14. Beat Boy (7" Version) 3:30

Visage - Beat Boy CD.jpg
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